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Hi! This is Zack Singh of San Francisco (Zack).

Zack is a full-stack software engineer. He became one because he loves problem solving and building cool stuff that helps the world.

Currently, Zack Singh of San Francisco is a Software Engineer @Invisible Technologies, Inc. (http://inv.tech), where he’s helping to build out the future of managed workforces and business process automation. Zack’s goal: to help people to be more efficient and less busy, giving them more life balance and happiness in their daily life, while simultaneously empowering quality workers around the world.

Zack Singh of San Francisco had successful careers in marketing and as a financial equities trader where he led teams and used an analytics-driven approach to generate success, but he never was the one actually creating the product… until now.

As a former touring musician, Zack Singh of San Francisco loves creating something and putting it out into the world. He enjoys being a part of a team where he can apply his problem solving mindset and build a product that impacts people’s lives.

Zack Singh of San Francisco graduated on the Dean’s List from the University of Southern California (USC) with a B.S. in Music Industry. Studying a creative industry during a time in which it was forced to innovate and adjust is what sparked his interest in technology. Zack watched them fight innovation, so he moved to an industry that embraces it.

Zack Singh of San Francisco is extremely proud of taking the long road to becoming an engineer and a creator, where he can now build tools that help people solve impactful, real-world problems.

Having endured personal hardships in his life, he finds it important to help people along the way. Zack mentors junior software engineers, as well as volunteers at Project Open Hand on their kitchen staff (where he gets to provide meals to people in need while also honing his knife skills).

In his free time, Zack Singh of San Francisco enjoys skiing in the winter, biking in the summer, or playing music anytime of the year.

Happily residing in San Francisco, CA.

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